we are new at that things so this the begain !

    Here to appeal you ban? Read here [FORAMT]


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    Here to appeal you ban? Read here [FORAMT]

    Post by Emran on Sun Aug 28, 2016 10:54 pm

    Title your unban appeal with "Unban Appeal - NameHere" not "!@unBan pls!@!".

    In-Game Name:
    Banned By:
    Ban Reason:
    Ban Date:

    Speeding The Unban Process

    *Use the unban appeal format and fill it out all fields where appropriate.
    *Do not lie in your ban appeal. It will lessen the chance of you being unbanned.
    *You are not guilty without an admin providing evidence in certain cases such as aimbot.
    *Do not private message an administrator for an unban.
    *Do not insult anyone, defame or be a moron in your appeal.
    *Do not make within the same week more than one appeal for the same ban, if your previous appeal was DENIED.

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